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Rev., Dr. Porter A. Stokes
Founder & Pastor
1924 to 1968

On May 8, 1924  a mission was born. A small group of Christian believers met in a private home. One Sunday morning, prayer services were held and discussion of the possibility of building and organizing a Baptist Church to serve the spiritual needs of the community took place. There were some, in this group who put up their personal money to help purchase a building. They were able to obtain a mortgage with Betz and Fund, 2900 Frankford Avenue  for $7,500.00.


While church was in the process of being built, services were held every Sunday at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Eubanks, at 2311 East Auburn Street. From this group, four deacons and one trustee were elected to serve. The group chose "Firm Hope Baptist Church" as its name.


Reverend Porter A. Stokes was unanimously elected to be our first Pastor.  Firm Hope  Baptist Church grew spiritually and financially. On June 25, 1953 a $15,000  mortgage was granted to remodel the church. We were able to elevate our building adding to the original structure. This was accomplished through the sacrifices of members who mortgaged their homes. In May 1970,  at the closing of our Church Anniversary, there was a mortgage burning

Rev., Dr. Timothy C. Turner
1972 to 2006

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