THE PHILADELPHIA COALITION FOR AFFORDABLE COMMUNITIES has an estimated 40,000 abandoned houses, lots and commercial buildings, Philadelphia wants to consolidate its inventory of distressed real estate by creating a “land bank” to make purchase more attractive to potential buyers and give communities a voice and power to decide what’s best for their community. 


FIRM HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH in concert with the Philadelphia Coalition For Affordable Communities was instrumental in helping pass into LAW a first time ever LANDBANKInitiative designed to help eliminate BLIGHT. 



The transformation of low-income and working class neighborhoods, driving up housing and other real estate prices and causing the displacement of long-term residents, businesses, and institutions. Firm Hope Baptist Church in partnership with WOMEN'S COMMUNITY REVITALIZATION PROJECT is blessed to have the opportunity to participate in the planning & development of 36 new Townhomes.



NEW KENSINGTON COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION mission is to strengthen the physical, social, and economic fabric of the community by being a catalyst for sustainable development and community building.  NKCDC draws on the strengths of the community to empower residents and promote resident-driven development. 


The Firm Hope Baptist Church has partnered with NKCDC in order to bring these services closer to those in the 19134 area by creating a first ever NKCDC satellite office.  NKCDC @FHBC.  NOW OPEN! - 2nd Wednesday of each month, 4:00pm to 7:00pm


Our mission is to organize our neighbors to create a better place for our community to live, grow, and play.



The primary role of DHS & APM-Asociacion Puertorriquenos en Marcha is to protect children who are alleged to have been abused or neglected and to ensure their safety from immediate threats and impending dangers.  In order to better serve the youth and their families, it’s important to become familiar with the environment and culture in which our clients reside.  DHS and APM are pleased to offer satellite services @ the FIRM HOPE BAPTISTCHURCH which enables participants to be served in their own community.  



GATEWAY TO RECOVERY provides recovery support services through a network of community and faith-based providers such as DBHIDS and the Firm Hope Baptist Church.Gateway to Recovery is a subsidiary of COPE-Community Outreach Project